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Our Services: Resource Protection

NLW has designed and implemented monitoring plans to protect water and other natural resources throughout Washington State. Many of these plans are driven by common local, state, and federal environmental regulations.


Map from WRIA 16 monitoring planClient: WRIA 16 Planning Unit
Location: Hood Canal, Washington

NLW prepared a monitoring plan, which followed WDOE guidelines, for collecting groundwater quantity / quality data from representative wells within the Skokomish-Dosewallips watershed (WRIA 16).Toidentify potential monitoring wells, we first conducted A GIS mapping analysis. We then visited select well sites to confirm citizen participation and access to private wells. The plan included a QAPP and was approved by the diverse stakeholders in the planning unit.

Hydrogeology site review in King CountyClient: City of SeaTac
Location: King County, Washington

NLW was hired to perform a third-party review and develop mitigation options for a large, mixed-use development located adjacent to a steep, upland slope with numerous groundwater-fed wetlands along its base. Our role on this project was to comment on the potential for surface and subsurface construction to impact the health and functioning of the wetlands. Our recommendations focused on drainage construction practices that would alter shallow groundwater flow paths and change the source of water to wetlands.

Client: White Horse Golf Course
Location: Kitsap County, Washington

NLW reviewed existing map data and worked with the client to site wells in critical areas of this state-of-art, forested golf course. Although pesticides and nutrients are used sparingly, the owner is required to monitor groundwater where it is likely to discharge to wetland, creeks, and lakes.

NLW designed and supervised the construction of six wells, which were drilled using a track-mounted rig that required careful access to avoid disturbing wetlands. In addition, we wrote the sampling plan, which was approved by the local county health department. The wells are sampled three times annually. NLW works closely with the analytical lab to ensure that QA/QC procedures are followed. We also developed a water quality database that facilitates efficient reporting.

Client: Precor
Location: King County, Washington

NLW provided stormwater management services for an industrial client in Woodinville. Work for this project entailed identifying the configuration of storm sewer drain and outfall locations at the nearest creek, designing and implementing a program for monitoring storm water quality, and writing a stormwater pollution prevention plan.

Client: Private landowner

Location: Clark County, Washington

Lakeside Industries was planning to build an asphalt plant in rural Clark County. Nearby property owners were concerned about the effect of this project on nearby surface and groundwater. Laura Strauss worked with attorneys for the local homeowners association to review aspects of the proposed action; she also provided written and verbal expert testimony at the County hearing.